DIY Wooden Cross

How to Make a Wooden Cross

Crosses can be expensive to buy, but if you are not afraid to use a saw, they are not too hard to make. If you look closely at crosses, they are usually made from two vertical pieces, and one horizontal piece (as pictured on the left.) However, if you don’t have a table saw, it is hard to get exactly straight cuts–which is essential to keep it from standing crooked. So I made the cross on the right with two horizontal pieces and one vertical piece (fewer straight ends needed!). I just made sure that the bottom of the vertical piece used the pre-cut end it was sold with. Having a straight bottom is not so important if it is a hanging cross–for that, it is more important to get the hook in the exact center, or it will hang crooked (very annoying!!)  Once you have cut the wood, glue the pieces together with wood glue. Let it dry, then sand it. Finally, stain and varnish it– the more coats, the shinier it will become. Or, as in the cross on the right, it is left in its rough cut state–unsanded and unstained. NOTE: if you are a perfectionist, it will look more professional if you sand all the edges to make a beveled edge.